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Books and other publications are important tools for cultural and environmental consciousness raising and can be widely distributed. We maintain a high standard of excellence in writing, graphic design and photography, with vivid images that express the wonders of life.

In addition to publications on culture, wildlife and biodiversity, we are actively working on some less known archaeological treasures of Egypt as well as producing works on ancient structures, for example the ancient city of Alexandria, using state of the art computer software and in consultation with international experts.

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Oasis of Hope...A journey through Egypt's Natural Heritage

Egypt’s nature is unveiled through hundreds of stunning color photographs and illustrations, with examples of Eco-architecture by Gabriel Mikhail.

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Egypt’s Wilderness and the quest for conservation

This lavishly illustrated book reveals Egypt’s spectacular wilderness areas with their varied wildlife, habitats and indigenous people.

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Exploring - the - Red -Sea - &- Eastern - Desert

This map and guide reveals these spectacular wilderness areas with their varied marine and terrestrial wildlife, habitats and nomadic tribes.

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Egypt's - Biodiversity - and - efforts for safegaurding it

Among the subjects covered is the significance of Biodiversity in Egypt, flag species, habitats, medicinal plants and protected areas.

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Siwa - Protected - Area - & - the - old - town of - Shali

The guide is a viable tool for exploring Siwa and its natural areas, providing valuable information about its wilderness, traditions and culture.

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The - Jebeliya - and - their - cultural - landscape

This book includes the customs, life cycle, customary law, proverbs, poems and environment of the Jabalita tribe in the Saint Katherine area.

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Other - publications --and - -public awareness tools

We produced a myriad of conservation publications and awarness products includig brochures, calendars, maps and a others initiatives.