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Siwa Protected Area & the old town of Shali

Siwa Protected Area consists of three core sectors covering a total area of 7,800 km2 and a contiguous adjacent area, encompassing key natural and cultural heritage sites and an important ecological corridor. The protected area is bound to the north by the El Diffa plateau, to the west by the international border with Libya and to the east by the Qattara Depression, one of the largest and deepest depressions on Earth and one of its most arid environments. The great Sand Sea a vast area of inhabited wilderness stretches to the south for hundreds of kilometers. This pocket guide reveals the protected area’s secretive wildlife, its stunning nature and unique and colorful culture. This pocket guide delivers inside information, photographs, illustration and maps and design and printing the pocket guide.

* This guide was published with the support of EEAA, the Government of Italy and UNDP.