free web stats Oasis of Hope... A journey through Egypt’s Natural Heritage

Oasis of Hope... A journey through Egypt’s Natural Heritage

This lavish 260 page book reveals Egypt’s protected areas with their varied wildlife and habitats and their sparse human populations. These “Oasis of Hope” are unveiled through hundreds of stunning color photographs and illustrations, together with explanatory text describing the natural and cultural landscapes. The book also provides examples of Eco-architecture and interpretation facilities undertaken by the Egyptian government with the support of its partners which were designed by architect Gabriel Mikhail, the author of this book. Many of the photographs show the great variety of creatures found throughout Egypt, from the teeming fish and invertebrates in the Red Sea to the less numerous but equally fascinating animals that inhabit the inhospitable sands of the Western Desert. Also revealed are the local communities of the various areas and their distinct cultures. From the Bishari who have inhabited southeastern Egypt since Neolithic times to the Arab Bedouin, each of the main ethnic groups is represented with photographs and a brief text.

* This book was published with the support of of EEAA, UNDP, GEF and the Government of Italy. Dar El Kuteb Registration 10039/2017