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INTERPRETATION exhibits, posters and interactive displays

Themed, interpretive and interactive exhibits which inspire, engage and educate; demonstrated by an array of creative projects relating to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.

Our experience is leveraged by extensive field research and a photographic database compiled over several decades. Our designs fuse innovative ideas with reliable solutions, blending stunning imagery with state-of-the-art interactive media; crafting lively environments that effectively educate and entertain visitors while spreading the conservation message.

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Siwa Protected Area visitor center exhibits

Extending from the Libyan borders to the the Qattara Depression, Siwa is one of Egypt’s most distinct regions.

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Rock art exhibit, Sharm Botanical Garden

Long ago, leopards, elephants and giraffes roamed the then lush wadis and savannas of today’s arid deserts.

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Integrated Signage Plan at Wadi El Gemal NP.

This project was for designing and implementing directional, behavioral and interpretive signage at select locations.

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Temporary exhibits at the AMCEN

These temporary exhibits at the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment reflect Egypt’s nature conservation efforts.

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White Desert visitor center exhibits

The exhibits introduces the park's fantastic geology, flora, fauna, its captivating landscapes and its ancient cultures.

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Other interpretation & interactive facilities

Utilizing our repertoire of technical and specialized skills we produced a myriad of interpretive & awarness projects.