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Siwa Protected Area visitor center exhibits

"Perhaps the most exciting aspect of traveling in this remote desertscape is the sensation that one still lives the great age of desert exploration." Cassandra Vivian

Most visitors to Siwa strive to relive this experience and are fascinated by the tales and stories of the early and famous explorers and travelers and aspire to follow in there footsteps .Hence, the theme of the visitor center is exploration. Images of early travelers and explorers are ghosted throughout the exhibits and interactive displays present multifaceted accounts of their history, adventures and other memorabilia.

Extending from the Libyan borders in the west to the western flanks of the Qattara Depression in the east, and from the Diffa Plateau in the north to the Great Sand Sea in the south, Siwa and its vicinity represent one of Egypt’s most distinct regions, geomorphologically, ethnically and biogeographically. Siwa Protected Area has been declared in 2002. It comprises about 7800 square kilometers which are divided into three isolated sectors: the Eastern, Bir Wahed and the Western sectors. The park encompasses a region of high aesthetic value and contains some of Egypt’s most spectacular desert landscapes, inhabited by diverse and secretive wildlife.

This Visitor Center is designed to be the starting point for visitors to explore Siwa Oasis and its natural Protected Area, providing them with valuable information about its unique environment, traditions and culture. The theme of the exhibits is “exploration”; ghosted images of personalities involved in desert exploration are ghosted throughout the exhibit. Many of these passionate soles have contributed to our knowledge of the desert; some of their names are listed below.

* The construction of these facilities was made possible with the support of EEAA, the Government of Italy and UNDP.