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Stunning visuals and compelling narratives entice viewers of all ages to visit some of the most inaccessible wild places and experience some of the most spectacular phenomena in the natural world through the eyes of our videographers.

Our experience is leveraged by extensive field research and a photographic database compiled over several decades. Our designs fuse innovative ideas with reliable solutions, blending stunning imagery with state-of-the-art interactive media; crafting lively environments that effectively educate and entertain visitors while spreading the conservation message.

We are the proud creators of “Egypt's Wilderness”, the region's first natural history channel on YouTube, through which we have now broadcast more than 20 of our documentaries some of which are listed below.

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Soaring Legends

A documentary film about the Migratory Soaring Birds epic migrations and threats in the regional and national levels. The film focuses on the MSB  main flyway in Egypt. With support from UNDP, GEF and Birdlife International.

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The White Desert

A film about the White Desert National Park, its breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, history and the culture of Farafra Oasis. The film promotes nature conservation & ecotourism. With support from UNDP and GEF.

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Gilf Kebir

An expedition into no man’s land...A chronicle of a three week deep desert expedition by a multi-national group of scientists into the remote Gilf Kebir region. Events unfold as the group embarks on this deep desert expedition.

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Healing at Mount Sinai

A film introducing medicinal plants, indigenous knowledge of its use and conservation efforts at the Saint Katherine Protectorate. With support from the Medicinal Plants Conservation Project of St Katherine and UNDP.

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Whales of the Desert

The film presents the intriguing, and nearly unbelievable, story about the Earth’s ancient whales that once thrived in what is now harsh desert. With support from the Italian Cooperation, UNDP and the EEAA.

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Oasis of hope... a journey through Egypt's Natural Heritage

This is a story about a journey of discovery through Egypt’s protected areas … habitats where wildlife can survive and hopefully thrive... With support from EEAA, UNDP, Italian cooperation and GEF.

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A tale from the Desert Sea

A journey through remote mountain ranges dissected by mystifying wadis, among isolated people and into the mysterious and rarely seen power and beauty of this Desert Sea Region. With support from USAID and EEAA.